We want to ensure that miners using our platform are socially and environmentally responsible. To this end, we ensure that miners are using best practices to avoid damage to the environment, such as through non-use of mercury during gold mining. Additionally, we will not allow conflict minerals onto the platform and deal only with those miners that can provide official government issued permits.

From Mines

AUREUS conducts KYC on all users of the platform. This includes miner and mine identification, government issued licenses and permits where appropriate.

To transport

Once mined, the goods are transported to a named warehouse.

The dispatch notes are uploaded to the ledger to ensure that the same goods that were loaded at origin are offloaded at the destination warehouse. Upon arrival at the warehouse, delivery notes are retained by the warehouse and will be added to the ledger.

To warehousing and port storage

Once in the warehouse the material is assayed by an independent testing agency and a certificate of analysis is issued and recorded in the ledger.

This certification and the warehouse receipt are recorded in the ledger and used as the basis for the sale of the goods

The entire supply chain

From mine to market, the entire supply chain is tracked and recorded in our ledger, ensuring provenance and accountability