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Mined Gold

LBMA Defines Mined gold as Gold that originates from mines (large-scale, medium-scale or artisanal/ small scales mines) and has never been previously refined. This term means any gold or gold-bearing material produced by or at a mine, in any form, shape, and concentration, until it is fully refined (995 or greater), fabricated into a gold refinery product (e.g., bar, grain), and sold.

Recycled Gold

LBMA Defines Recycled Gold as Gold that has been previously refined. This term traditionally encompasses anything that is gold-bearing and has not come directly from a mine in its first gold life cycle. In practical terms, recyclable material includes end-user, post-consumer products, scrap, and waste metals and materials arising during refining and product manufacturing, and investment gold and gold-bearing products. This category may also include fully-refined gold that has been fabricated into the grain, good delivery bars, medallions, and coins that have previously been sold by a refinery to a manufacturer, bank, or consumer market, and that may thereafter need to be returned to a refinery to reclaim their financial value


Our platform, global reach of partner offices & our alliances enable us to provide the best in class single window logistics solutions to both our upstream and downstream clients.

Some of our logistics alliances are:

All our shipments are insured by our transit insurance providers and are in turn underwritten by the Lloyds Group of London.

Fixing & Hedging

We provide an integrated technology solution that helps our mining partners mitigate market volatility by hedging their risks with our affiliated financial institutions. We also use the same platforms and alliances for our own proprietary trading needs to mitigate our own risks on the stock of metal held by us during transit. Below is a list of our preferred service providers.