Basic Anti Money Laundering and Compliance Policy


We will engage only in legitimate business abiding by all relevant rules and regulations which apply to our
activities, maintaining high ethical standards, and operating always under best practice exercising due-
care and all necessary due-diligence.


In particular, we commit to:

  1. Following all rules and laws that regulate our activities.
  2. Not deal in cash transactions beyond the limits set by government regulations.
  3. Investigate any cash transactions which appear suspect or which are sizeable.
  4. Collect and investigate the identification of our clients and suppliers and maintain records.
  5. Rejecting or disengaging from suppliers which we do not trust or believe are suspicious.
  6. Checking the legitimacy and accuracy of all imports and exports of the material we trade/handle
    including any payments of taxes or royalties from the exporting and importing countries.
  7. Educate and train our staff to follow this policy.

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