Aureus Mobile Apps For Business

Aureus can get your business and your finances in shape in 3 easy steps. First one is to download and configure the app, then start tracking your progress and at the end monitor the results.

Download And Configure The App On Your Smartphone

It’s very easy to find and install Riga on your smartphone. Just browse through the top downloaded apps on the Apple or Android marketplace. Click on Install App and voila you’re done.

Start Tracking Your Progress With Available Tools

Tracking is made possible with our very own patented observer algorithm and it will allow you to monitor in real-time any changes to your finance and health information flow.

Monitor Your Results With Great Reporting Tools

Using the integrated Reporting module you can evaluate your finance and health improving efforts and adjust your tactics according to your self-development strategy. It’s really that easy.

Improve Finances Control

Aureus App was designed to help you get a grip on your finances by learning your expenditure habits and then recommending ways of reducing them. Also using data about your income it can recommend ways of increasing it.

Monitoring Tools For Evaluation

Monitor the evolution of your finances and health state using tools integrated in Aureus. The generated real time reports can be filtered based on any desired criteria and can definitely help you make fine adjustments to your revenue making tactics.

Better Business Data

Keeping up at work and all that self-development reading in your leisure time can take a toll on your business health. User Aureus’s exercise recommendations to keep a good business health status which allows you to function at 100%.

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