• LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 25 Oct 2021
    OTC Precious metal trading activity rose for the second consecutive week, posting an all-around market rise in trading volumes. Spot #gold exceeded the 100 million oz barrier (traded weekly) for the first time since mid-August whilst prices also returned to levels not seen since late August/early September. It was a similar case for #silver where LBMA Trade Data recorded […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 18 Oct 2021
    Trading volatility across the precious metal OTC markets continued into this week, as the trade volume lows set last week reverse to reclaim the highs set earlier this month. Although spot trading led the charge, the biggest gains were in options trading, where LBMA Trade Data recorded ▲88% and ▲130% in gold and silver respectively. […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 11 Oct 2021
    After a reasonably strong start to October activity seems to have already reversed over the last week, with OTC precious metals recording a fall in trading activity across all four metals. Options trading for #gold, #silver and #palladium led the decline with falls of between ▼-45% and ▼-60%. In contrast, #platinum options posted an increase, albeit with volumes climbing from the previous […]
  • Gold and Silver Held in London Vaults
    As at end August 2021, the amount of #gold held in London vaults hit a record high of 9,718 tonnes (+0.87% on previous month), valued at $567 billion, which equates to approximately 777,460 gold bars. There were also 36,567 tonnes of #silver (-0.06% on previous month), valued at $28.3 billion, which equates to approximately 1,218,908 silver bars. More information can be found on the website
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 4 Oct 2021
    Precious metal OTC volumes recorded significant growth coming out of the summer doldrums where the gross weekly turnover dropped to as low as $250 bn for #gold, with this weeks’ gross gold turnover hitting $322 bn. The healthy boost also extended into #silver and #palladium which also saw a significant uptick at $39bn and $10bn respectively. #Platinum was the only metal to […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 27 Sep 2021
    Subdued OTC trading activity over the last week with only palladium showing positive growth. #Gold OTC trading fell -9.4%, #silver -10.5%, and #platinum -4.2% with just #palladium bucking the trend with a 7.6% increase.
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 20 Sep 2021
    OTC precious metals trading bounced this week, recording growth across all four metals after weeks of dwindling trading activity. A spike in volumes often precedes a change in trend, and with #gold posting a ▼-2%, #silver a ▼-5%, #platinum a ▼-4% and #palladium a▼-9% change in spot price (WoW), that old adage has once again proved true.
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 13 Sep 2021
    OTC precious metal trading activity picked up slightly after last week’s lows. Spot trading in the #gold and #silver markets are up for the week but still ▼-20% & ▼-38% down compared to the same period last year. PGMs fared better as supply shortages across the auto sector boosted hedging activity across the two more industrialized precious metals. 
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 6 Sep 2021
    The early indications from last week’s daily trade data revealed the OTC precious metals (pm) markets were due to a boost in activity as traders return from their summer breaks at the same time as prices appeared to be on the rise. This week, while the aggregated weekly figures posted a decline due to the […]
  • Record Stocks of Gold Held in London Vaults
    As at end August 2021, the amount of #gold held in London vaults hit a record high of 9,718 tonnes (+0.87% on previous month), valued at $567 billion, which equates to approximately 777,460 gold bars. There were also 36,567 tonnes of #silver (-0.06% on previous month), valued at $28.3 billion, which equates to approximately 1,218,908 silver bars. More information can be found on our website –
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 30 Aug 2021
    OTC Precious metals markets are primed for a boost in activity despite the last week in August posting one of the lowest spot volumes traded this year (~▼20% across all metals). In addition, the swaps/forward markets were vibrant and prices appear to be recovering from recent lows. This week’s shorter trading period may not show […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 23 Aug 2021
    As we near the end of summer we see the trend of reduced trading in the more liquid precious metals of #gold and #silver, with both metals recording their lowest weekly OTC turnovers since May – $266 billion and $30 billion respectively. However, the more industrial PGMs recorded a slight recovery last week with #platinum turnover hovering just below $7 […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 16 Aug 2021
    Precious metal OTC trading volumes continue to drift downwards over the summer as prices bounce back slightly from their recent lows. Hedging activity may be on the rise as options trading picks up across the #gold, #silver and #palladium markets. Meanwhile, #platinum trading suffers and falls across all instrument types as uncertainty over the economic impact of the resurgence of the delta variant […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 9 Aug 2021
    The recent boost in OTC trading seems to have been preceded by one of the steepest price drops seen across the precious metals market this year. With the spread of the delta-variant denting the outlook of more industrial precious metals and indications that the Federal Reserves may taper their stimulus support, we’ve seen a week […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 2 Aug 2021
    A robust bounce in the OTC precious metals market this week after consecutive weeks of low trading volumes across all four metals. Through this week’s LBMA Trade Data reports we see OTC #gold turnover returning to the +$300 billion mark, #silver recording $48 billion and #platinum and #palladium recording $9 and $10 billion USD respectively. Indicative reports from early week trading suggests we […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 26 Jul 2021
    OTC precious metals trading slowed for a third consecutive week, with the spot and the swaps/forwards markets retracting across all four metals. The age old adage of ‘sell in May and go away’ may be proving true for the gold market at least, where since the end of May (Weekly LBMA Trade Data, week ending […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 19 Jul 2021
    Trading in OTC precious metals market shows little to no change in volumes over the last week with only #gold posting growth of a little more than 5%. This is in stark contrast to volumes from this time last year where the markets consistently turned over $400 billion per week in gold trading (▼$100 billion down y/y) […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 12 Jul 2021
    OTC option trading across all four precious metals jumped this week, posting significant growth against an overall subdued backdrop. OTC #gold options saw the biggest increase by ▲63%, with #silver ▲10% and #platinum and #palladium by ▲49% and ▲27% respectively. Meanwhile trading within the spot, swaps and forward markets have been subdued across all metals with the exception of platinum, which posted an […]
  • Gold % Price Moves in June
    Forget the pandemic – as if we could – the story of the second quarter was inflation, specifically US inflation, and its impact on the gold price. Indeed, a snap-shot survey from a US economics team informed us that just during the month of May, more than 100,000 press articles were published about inflation – […]
  • London Vault Holdings Data
    The latest #gold and #silver stocks held in London vaults (end June 2021). The amount of silver held in London vaults hit a record high of 36,706 tonnes, valued at $30.4 billion which equates to approximately 1,223,521 silver bars. There was also 9,587 tonnes of gold, valued at $543.5 billion, which equates to approximately 766,989 gold bars. This represents […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 28 Jun 2021
    OTC #gold and #silver trading dipped whilst the spot price for both metals barely moved over the last week. Gold still recorded $298 billion in trading volume while silver managed $41 billion. PGMs volumes were more bouyant however, with the spot price for both #platinum and #palladium up 5% while trading volumes came in at $9.9 billion and $13 billion respectively.  Get the […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 14 Jun 2021
    Although growth was restrained, LBMA Trade Data recorded a week where all four precious metals posted positive growth in aggregated OTC trading. #Gold saw a decrease in spot, swaps, forward and option trading but the exceptionally high volumes traded within the Lease Loan market boosted the aggregated trading into positive territory. All four metals recorded growth in […]
  • Responsible Gold Guidance Version 9 Draft for Consultation
    LBMA has launched Responsible Gold Guidance V9 draft for consultation. The current Responsible Gold Guidance (RGG), launched in 2018, marked a major strategic expansion to include Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. The latest version of the RGG builds on this, as well as reflecting the strategic priorities identified as part of LBMA’s IBC Recommendations. […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 1 Jun 2021
    With precious metal prices seemingly on the up in comparison to last week, OTC spot volumes also showed significant movements in the case of #gold and #palladium. OTC spot gold breached the 100 million oz threshold for the first time this quarter, coinciding with the gold price rallying to heights not seen since early 2021. Palladium spot volumes also […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 24 May 2021
    The OTC precious metals market rebounds after consecutive falls in trading activity in recent weeks. This week’s figures show trading across all instruments (spot, swaps/forwards, options, and lease loan deposits) posted double-digit growth in all metals but palladium, where trading activity was broadly flat. Spot gold trading is of particular interest as it creeps closer […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 17 May 2021
    Trading across the OTC markets dropped for a consecutive week, with only #palladium posting positive growth in all traded instruments. As leading precious metals analyst, Rhona OConnell pointed out in her Monthly Analysis –, we continue to see a trend of palladium activity moving in the reverse of #platinum, with LBMA Trade Data revealing the ▼73% drop in platinum options […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 26 Apr 2021
    LBMA Trade Data registered its second consecutive week of growth in aggregated OTC #gold trading, posting a weekly turnover of $266 million USD. As noted last week, volumes are still historically low; with spot and options trading ▼21% and swaps and forward trading ▼4% down in comparison to the corresponding period last year. OTC #palladium volumes retraced, returning to its […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 19 Apr 2021
    #Silver and #palladium OTC volumes jumped last week as a result of an increase in spot, swap/forward and options trading across the market. Aggregated trade volumes for both metals eclipsed their monthly moving average, with palladium recording its highest aggregated trading week since the turn of the year. #Gold and #platinum OTC volumes saw a minor increase last week with spot […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 12 Apr 2021
    Last week across the OTC precious metals market we saw the trading activity between instruments reverse, with the spot market rebounding across all metals while the swaps/forward markets retraced. #Gold and #silver spot trading was still historically low, with daily average volumes of 21 mn oz and 197 mn oz respectively, while PGMs posted 40%-35% increases and boosted volumes […]
  • Geoforensic Passport of Mined Gold
    The only passport you need to know about this year is the Geoforensic passport for your gold, proving the provenance of your precious metals. 
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 22 Mar 2021
    LBMA Trade Data Update: OTC precious metal trading continues to trend within a standard range for all metals, although #palladium recorded near ▲50% growth, the rise simply offset the declines over the last two weeks and returned trading volumes to within its 1-month-moving-average. OTC Spot #gold dropped below 100 million oz for the first time since mid-January, often serving […]
  • Digital Gold Special Report: When — Not If — Will The Potential Be Realised?
    As part of all Digital Gold series of webinars, the LBMA invited a market expert to share their views on digital gold, its potential and the challenges to be overcome. In this piece, Steven Lowe reveals his insights and predictions derived from 30 years working in the market. Read more –
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 1 Mar 2021
    LBMA Trade Data Update: OTC trading activity across all four precious metals are up this week, with all instruments posting positive growth figures beside a slight dip in #gold and platinum options. Spot gold traded upwards of 18%, during the week of its steepest price decline since the turn of the year, whilst we saw a whopping […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 22 Feb 2021
    #Gold and #silver OTC trade volumes increased by 16% and nearly 5% over the course of the last week. But activity was more subdued for the PGM metals with platinum and palladium both posting decreases in activity of -3% and -15% respectively.
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 15 Feb 2021
    Silver trading in all instruments fell, however aggregated trading still recorded 1.8 billion oz. Gold swaps, forwards and lease loans showed minor increases while platinum trading followed the trend of its recent +11% price rally.
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 8 Feb 2021
    Silver OTC trade volumes continue to make strides as last week recorded the largest ever week of OTC silver trading since records began. With two consecutive days of silver trading over 1 billion oz, the aggregated total of all OTC traded instruments was over 4 billion oz. Last week also saw the record broken in […]
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 3 Feb 2021
    Silver’s rally this past week reflected heavily on OTC markets, as LBMA Trade Data showed all instruments trading close to their record highs. Over 3 billion oz of silver was traded last week, making the weekly volumes one of the highest on record.Read more at
  • Silver Trading Volume Exceeds 1 Billion oz on 1 February
    Some 1.006bn oz ounces of #silver were traded in the London OTC market on Monday 1, February. This is just shy of the highest turnover recorded in LBMA Trade Data statistics (first published in November 2018).Read more in the latest press release –
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 25 Jan 2021
    Gold and silver OTC spot trading posted an 19% and 6% increase on last week, although aggregate OTC trading activity declined for a second consecutive week, yet palladium options recorded their highest weekly volume trading figures since July 2020. Find out more at
  • LBMA Trade Data Weekly Change – 18 Jan 2021
    Over the latest week OTC Gold trading fell compared to the previous week, however volumes were still above its one-month moving average of 140 mn oz. Silver and platinum’s falls were less significant, with volumes still above 2 bn oz and 6 mn oz respectively. Find out more here:
  • US Elections 2020
    ” You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Investing/Trading is not a game where the person with the 160 IQ beats someone with a 100 IQ. Rationality is essential “ Concerns are that the absence of a clear winner could unwind turmoil in the U.S. Voting results in Swing states can be a game changer contest […]
  • Expo 2021 Dubai Soon …
    Expo 2021 Dubai is gearing up to help shape a post-pandemic world and create a better future for all after a two-thirds majority of Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) Member States voted in favour of postponing the next World Expo by one year. The global mega event will now run from 1 October 2021 to […]


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